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(1999 - 2003)



Leaf was a band I was in from 1999 to 2003. We played a mixture of nu-metal and stoner rock, mostly in and around the Houston area. We spent countless hours practicing and performed numerous live shows. While we didn't catch on beyond the Houston area, I'm proud of the music we made, especially our two studio EPs. Below are a the two EPs and few of the live shows that were recorded using my Sony handycam. Since it is using the onboard microphone, the sound for the shows is terrible, but it serves as a decent documentation of the kind of live show we presented and the venues we played in. 


Taylor Fayle - Drums
Chris Kubecka - Bass
Mike Sutphen - Guitar
Jason Thurman - Vocals
Jordan Wilson - Guitar




Fitzgerald's | 8.16.2003

"Everybody say we fucking love you Taylor!"

This was my last show. It was hot. and it was one of the most amped crowds we played in front of. I'm particularly fond of my stage dive into my drums after the last song. 


Fitzgerald's | 7.12.2003

This is one of the few shows we headlined, and it's one of the longest live sets we ever played. 


Dallas | 7.04.2003

I'm not sure what skate park this is, but it's one of the few out of town shows that we recorded. The most memorable thing about this trip was the after party at the hotel room, the details of which I can't relay. 


Engine Room | 6.27.2003

The Engine Room is a medium sized warehouse in Downtown Houston. It was a great place to play because it had a decent sized stage and usually pretty good sound guys. This is probably one of my favorite shows to watch again. 


Instant Karma | 6.1.2000

This is the first show we played in Houston. Instant Karma, like many of the venues we played at is now closed, but it was located on Richmond Ave. in Montrose, next to the Harp. Best part of this show was Mike's attempt at moshing at 24:30


Clear Lake | 2.1.2000

This is the first show we played ever. I'm not sure where it was exactly, but some public venue rented out by a band we practiced in the same warehouse with called Noyze. We are timid and unsure of our music, but that's what is kind of endearing about the show.